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2014’s famous words – Let it Go! Let it Go!

1 January 2014 I drowned my depression with sleep until midday then I woke up and indulged myself in my tears for three hours. That’s how I began my year.

But things only went up on this roller coaster ride of a year and it was freaking awesome fantastically amazing. For years I have been wishing for healing – a solution for my seemingly stuck situation which I couldn’t get myself out of so can only proclaim it as a gift rather than a disorder. However this year I am fed up, I have had enough. F**K this, you only live once. It was time for change.

Little did I knew that change didn’t come from changing circumstances and situations but changing my attitude. Slowly I’m learning to let go of money and status which so closely is tied to my self identify and self esteem. As soon as I tried to unwrap my tightly gripped fingers on the worthless things I have been holding onto for the past 10 years, I found I had space in my palms for more enjoyable and beneficial things.

Of course I would never embark on anything without checking the safety net is secure underneath a safety net. I enjoyed a much needed self understanding process during my 200 hour Yoga Teachers Training which opened up a whole new arena for thoughts and self exploration.

Now, I enjoy my flexibility and free time. I explore different healing tools. I appreciate life. I count mini blessing moments. I spend carefree days reading romance novels or practicing on my newly acquired musical instrument.

This year. 2015. I’m learning about compromise.

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Rocket Yoga Open Day FREE


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Come try Yoga with me


Welcome to Skyward Yoga

Welcome to Skyward Yoga

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Not meant to be

February 10, 2014 Leave a comment
Sitting on the sofa quiet as a mouse
Counting the hours you have floated about
Scared to wake or draw close to you
As it might not be the appropriate cue
Standing guard in case you need me
But you seem content so just let it be
You said thank you a hundred times
Inside I say I love you without sounding a chime
God sent me only to be a guardian angel
We were never meant to be lovers as it didn’t fit the puzzle

***Photo by journeyexplorer