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No selfless deed


“Charity” and “Ministry” seems like big terms that refer to big dreams and goals that require vast amounts of effort, organisiaton and commitment. I am very clear about my gift and passion, it is in children’s work. I want to be involved in bringing about fun, joy and love to any child’s life, be it my own or others. I always remember the days when I used to teach Sunday school and how much I enjoyed spending time with the children. Occasionally they would run towards me at full speed when they see me in the corridor, or come to class and hang me a drawing with ‘Dear Michelle, I love you, from Alice’ on it. It brings joy to the heart and a smile to the face like no other and words cannot describe. I am not yet a mother but I’m sure those of you who have become parents will know that feeling I’m referring to.

So we all know about the child sponsorship programs run by so many different programs in so many different countries but yet they seem so far and distant from our lives. I could never really comprehend what their lives would be like and in what way my sponsorship helped them. I didn’t really get to keep up with their progress. Or worse you receive a letter from your organization one day, which just announces that your ‘child’ has left the program and now they will stick you with another child. I mean, sure money solves problems but what is that children really want?

Then I was so dedicated about building and opening a charity school for children in China for local children as it is surprisingly affordable and you can make foreseeable changes in the lives of poor children. But when I was travelling in YunNan and Tibet I faced a dilemma – even if I take all my holidays to visit them in the countryside and to observe the changes I have supposedly brought to their lives, in the end, I only get to spend max 4 weeks out of a whole year with them.

So I change my direction of thinking slightly and come up with that, time is the most precious thing I can offer at the moment, not money or buildings.

Since I’m slowly settling down in HK now, I started to look for places where I can help children and also spend quality time with them. But as anything in HK there is a waiting list even to become a volunteer.

But water doesn’t kill a heart with fire, tomorrow I will go for my ‘interview’ and hopefully I can start becoming a weekly volunteer to spend time with kids again. Not sure where my role lies yet, if they need someone who teaches or plainly assist in looking after them etc. Let’s see what can come out of it…but I’m sure I will be the one who end up gaining and benefiting the most out of this, not the children. See, there is no selfless deed, even ‘charity’ or ‘ministry’.

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