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Michelle Chan’s Top 5 cities for 2011

Now is a good time to promote and plan your travels for the new year. With my most trusted and relied upon source and brand for my travels, they have released Lonely Planet’s Top 10 cities for 2011 which has nudged me to keep up my travel writing.

Michelle Chan’s Top 5 cities for 2011

1. Istanbul

Istbanul is a city that touches both Asia and Europe, the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents. Religion plays a big part in Istanbul, you can hear prayers being broadcasted over the loudspeakers all over the city at different times of the day such as prior dawn, dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset and evening. Mosques are frequently visited by locals and tourists, and they have women only sections.

I would highly recommend you visit the Turkish bath houses also known as hammams, althought it is very basic and simple – nothing glam or fancy at all. Finally, of course you can not leave without tasting some very colourful and high sugar dosage Turisk delight then buying a Next time I visit Turkey, I definitely want to go to Pamukkale – just google it for pictures then you will know why.

2. Marrekesh

Since Morocco had a period of French control, it has a touch of french influence. Of interest is that you can stay in hotels which they call ‘Riad’ which is like a house with a garden, I found it very pleasant, relaxing and lovely – a completely different world to the old city just outside the alleyway of the old town

The main market is like a circus and adventure park all in one. You can see people performing, preaching, getting hanna tattoos, selling food and orange jucie, whilst the side streeets are filled with small stores selling all kinds of goods such as leather shoes, bags, musical instruments, glass lamps and clothes etc. Bargaining is huge and food also comes in its range of diverse varieties. You would think the Chinese has tasted all kinds of creatures and animals, but there was one thing i found intriguing- snail soup. Not very tasty I might add! After we finished our food at one of the outdoor street stalls with skewers and other BBQ sorts, one kid came to ask if he can have the left over bottle of coke. There are many beggers or people who just come up to you and ask for money on the streets also.

3. Budapest

Funnily enough, Budapest has two parts to it being Buda on the West bank of the Danube River and Pest on the East bank. The Danube – Europe’s most celebrated river – runs majestically through the center of Budapest. The city has taken full advantage of this and it now offers some of the finest panoramas with magnificent buildings and architecture adding flavour on both sides of the river.

4. Dubrovnik

With coastal views together with rich cultural heritage, combined with magnificent natural beauties, Dubrovnik keeps its visitors happy with what is has to offer. The old city is surrounded by City Walls which are 2km long which historically offers protection against its enemies.

5. Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, the northenmost capital city and one of the three coldest capitals in the world. The place was named Reykjavik – “Smoky Bay” – after the columns of steam that rose from the hot springs in the area and made such a profound impression on the original settlers.

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