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2011 resolutions

1. Meet a Brazilian
Having travelled to over 35 countries, I have met many people of different nationalities. However, I have not yet set foot in South American but hey, you don’t have to go to Brazil to meet a Brazilian. Just widening my circle of friends and decreasing the 5 degrees of separation even further.
2. Be an entrepreneur
That does not equal to being unemployed but with a fancy name. Are those people who tell others to ‘think big’ and ‘the sky is the limit’ successful? Or are they people who are struggling and just saying that to comfort themselves?
In any case this year, I’m venturing outside the box in terms of earning a living and let’s see where it takes me. I don’t have anything I can’t afford to lose, so let’s give it a go and who knows. This world is full of opportunities for those who seek them.
3. Have 500+ followers on my blog
We have always been told our goals should be measurable, so I have one follower on my blog at the moment and that is a great start! When I get 500+ followers, I’m going to call myself a ‘columist’. I think that it sounds much better than ‘blogger’, since I have this image of a non shaven bum sitting in his or her pajamas writing about what they ate for breakfast today.
4. Exercise twice a week
I’ve kept that up pretty well over the last couple of years so I’m going to keep it up this year. Mainly focusing on my dancing, the performance we had last December really hyped me up and I’m continuing to be enthusiastic about my dancing. Yay!
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