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Escape from life

Have you ever finished a course or a project then feel like you don’t know what to do with yourself now? For many of us, our goals in life include are career, property, partner, family and children. As long as we are busy and working hard in achieving these goals, it keeps us going and our momentum is running on high-speed. We are climbing up the corporate ladder. We have just bought a property and drawing up renovation plans. We have found our soul mate, and we are planning a marriage and family together. We have children that we want to put through to college. But after we have accomplished these and are still not happy then we feel we are stuck and trapped because society tells us we ought to be happy and content with what we have.

However, it is not uncommon when people reach a point in their lives where they feel overwhelmed and lost to the point of breakdown, and decide they need to take a break. A wife may file for divorce and travel half way across the world to find herself again. A successful sportsman with a glamorous car and mansion may choose to live on the streets as a homeless. A managing director may venture into the jungle and live like an ape for a little while.

Are these methods effective? Does it really help them or is it just an excuse to escape reality? After they have “found themselves” can they really go back to where they left off? Can they leverage off what they have discovered then find a meaningful and happy life afterwards? Or is it just like charging your batteries and you can go back to your old life again revitalised? Or is it better that they live a more balanced life to begin with then they wouldn’t need to escape from it?

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