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Sex and best friends

Last night, with a bit of ME time, I watched two episodes of Sex and the City. It reminded me of the days when I was still living in London, me and my flatmates would sit around the 14 inch TV watching Sex and the City on DVD laughing and chatting about the storyline. It was one of my favourite past times. One of my flatmates is a French girl, who loves the show so much she had memorised quotes from the show and treats them as her life coach. I was dumbfounded when she used a line from the show to deal with her recently broken relationship – “It takes half the total time you went out with someone to get over them.”

As much as this show is about sex, I personally think it is actually about friendship. It is only with your closest and most trusted friends can you share your intimate feelings, sex life and the joys and sorrows of life. In their first movie, there was a scene where Mr. Big failed to show up at the wedding and the girls rushed Carrie into the car. But when they saw Mr Big’s car drive past, her friends stood up for her and protected her when she was most vulnerable. That was my favourite scene of the movie because behind that act it represented the histories and foundations of their solid friendship.

Friendships need investing in. Despite our busy schedules, distances, and other fighting priorities we must make the effort to maintain friendships, otherwise it is like sand on the beach that gets washed away by waves.

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