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Day out @ Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley market welcomes you as soon as you arrive with shops selling souvenirs and other local products to attract tourists. You can utilise your bargaining skills and grab yourself a straw hat or sunglasses but most interesting is the typical Chinese styled clothing, especially the ones for children – they are so cute. Every time I walk pass, I want to get a pair of those tiny baby shoes for my friends’ children back in Australia.

After roaming through the market, you can enjoy a breezy relaxing lunch by the waterfront at one of the restaurants such as Pickled Pelican. If you having a craving for fish and chips, here is where you can get it. They offer a variety of good food and nice outdoor sitting ideal just to chill out.

As you digest the lovely food and drink, go for a walk on the main beach and get your feet wet or sit down and watch people enjoy some water sports (except in winter). Also visit the Murray House, which is a Victorian era building moved to Stanley from Central with an effort to preserve its historic value.

A perfect way to wrap up your afternoon is with an ice cream from Gino’s Gelato just outside Stanley Plaza. Their waffle basket is not bad, but none can beat The New Zealand Natural ones especially the ones I made when I used to work there. **wink** Before you go, buy a tin of cookies as take home gift from Jenny Bakery. With is buttery cookies so addictive it makes you want to eat the whole tin all in one sitting, plus a cup of tea it is truly divine. I would recommend the small 4 mix tin at a reasonable price and nice variety. But if you are a nut fan, you should get the 8 mix and they all come in a lovely pictured tin which you can reuse after you have consumed all the cookies.

***Photography by me with my LOMO Diana F+

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