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Finest Argentine steaks – Gaucho, London

For a girl, I have an especially big appetite for steak. Beef generally within a stir fry, roast beef or fatty beef used in Chinese hot-pot doesn’t turn me on at all. But give me a good steak and I’m on a high. So I can say I know how to judge a good steak, by a personal standard.

As soon as you walk into any Gaucho, you will be impressed by the nicely designed furnishings which creates a trendy and hip atmosphere. You can hear chatter among their nicely dressed guests as you are being brought to your table. I always recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. Once you have sat down with your menu and ordered your drinks, the waiter/waitress will bring out a board of raw meat and explain the different cuts, their meat texture, and recommendations on how the meat should be cooked. It is great to see s sample of what you are about to get and you can feel confident with their quality, because if they use such good meat just to saw you as a live menu, I feel my steak is going to be awesome. And surely for those who can never decide what to order or are not familiar with the different cuts of meat it is a good way to help them along.

Taken from Eat London, by Peter Prescott and Terence Conran, “The main reason for their success is the excellent quality of the Argentinean beef they use. Due to the adequate moisture, mild climate, rich soil and vast terrain on which the cattle graze, as well as the process in which the meat is aged. Argentinean beef develops its own distinctive flavour. The Argentine Aberdeen Angus that grazes freely over grassland contains less cholesterol and has less intra-muscular fat. At Gaucho the meat is cooked in the traditional Argentine manner whereby the steak is only turned once so that there is a greater caramelization, which forms a delicious crust and enhances the flavour.”

Besides their fantastic steak, I must mention their cheese bread which is absolutely divine and lush. I have tried to find recipes that are remotely similar to what they produce, but to no avail. It is warm and soft, with just the right amount of cheese, butter and flour mixture it gives your tongue a heaven like sensation. I can eat a whole basket alone but I always have to resist and remind myself there is a mouth water steak waiting for me. A nice steak cooked to perfection paired with Argentinean wine is just the ultimate way to indulge for a nice evening out.

  1. September 22, 2012 at 3:45 am

    For the cheese bread recipe, search for chipas – it’s a northern Argentinian/Bolivian tapioca and cheese roll (try http://argentineanrecipe.com/chipas-argentinean-cheese-bread/ but replace the weird reference to cheese mix with provaleta/provalone or pecorino if you can’t find that)

    • September 24, 2012 at 4:29 pm

      oh my this is awesome, thank you so much!!! I must try it and let you know how I go…

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