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Felix @ Peninsula, Hong Kong

On a casual Tuesday night, two girls decided to go to Peninsula for a drink after dinner. We entered the brightly lit lift and pressed 28. Three seconds prior to the halt on the 28th, the bright lights dimmed into a reddish dark tone to prepare for our arrival into this high-rise restaurant and bar. We asked for window seats for drinks and possibly deserts, and the waitress promptly brought about both the food menu and the drinks menu for our study after we sat down. We are like many other girls are big desert fans but were utterly disappointed with the list of non appealing deserts offered including raisin cake with red wine ice cream and slow cooked pineapple. OK, call us ignorant but we didn’t know what Chocolate Ganache was and we weren’t brave enough to try it. So we decided to choose from the range of supper menu which we were surprised and pleased they had, we settled for crab spring rolls with two glasses of champagne cocktail.

Cocktails were nicely blended, although not very rich in flavour. Spring rolls were nicely presented as expected and it was true to its word as it only contained crabs and nothing else. It lacked a bit in colour as compared to vegetarian spring rolls where they have carrots and variety of vegetables. I also would have preferred if it were a little less oily. Complimentary nuts were not provided until asked for as we saw the other tables had them.

The table next to us had two tall and nicely made up girls sitting with a slim middle-aged man who kept sharing stories. The girls looked like attempt models who may have worked as entertainment journalists at nowTV or something like that. As the girls ate, they responded politely to his stories whilst they drank red wine. Assuming he is a well off gentleman, it’s interesting how he felt he had to make the effort to keep the girls entertained by telling interesting stories. Two sides to the same coin though, my curiosity thought about whether the girls would really be here if he wasn’t well off and paid for this expensive dinner. I always notice so much of other things at restaurants and that makes dining out so fascinating besides absorbing its food. But I can’t say I’m much different from them in this respect, as I walked to the bathroom which you have to walk past the lifts to get to, I noticed four finely dressed gentlemen standing around waiting to get down. So I quickly adjusted my mini skirt, took a deep breath, held my head high as I did my catwalk to the bathroom. Just as I had planned it, their eyesight followed me right through the female bathroom door.


***Photography contributed by BGOR’s Photography

  1. Maggie Meawad
    February 18, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    hey michelle! I love the photos! 🙂 and the blogs are great too! keep it up!

    • February 18, 2011 at 4:06 pm

      hey mags, thanks! hope you are well….I’m hoping to do a post a day this year, but it’s not easy!

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