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Harvester@ Arnos Grove, London

On Valentine’s Day, I went to visit an ex-colleague from Yahoo! and we went for dinner at the restaurant closest to her home – Harvester. As we stepped in, the waitress was running about and said she will be with us in a minute. When we thought she was taking a menu from the counter to take us to a table, she wrote our name down and said waiting time was 45 minutes. Well must be the Valentine’s crowd, we thought, so we headed to the bar for a drink to wait for our seats. But the thing was when she had a table ready for us, there were at least three other empty tables which she was not in a hurry to fill. Maybe all the waitresses on duty called in ‘sick’…

Menu and ordering was easy enough, choose a main dish, choose the choice and an order of sides. I ordered the 10oz sirloin steak medium rare with red wine and shallot sauce with a side of fries. Whilst waiting for our food, we helped ourselves to the all you can eat salad bar which didn’t look very hygienic nor attractive. I just picked and choose a few things then was proven right with the soggy cucumber, flavourless coleslaw and canned pineapple cubes.

When my food arrived, the presentation was not bad. Usually I can’t stand people who take photos of their food before they eat, but to make this blog more interesting as I want to attach a photo with each post, especially food posts, it’s important that I overcome the emotional hurdle. The steak was overcooked, dry and chewy but dipped in the sauce it was eatable. Fries are fries. I don’t eat peas so no comment on that. We decided to skip desert and ask for the bill as I am once again reminded of the food culture in the UK – non-existent!

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