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A380 @ Emirates

Being a budget traveler this time round, I decided to opt for an indirect flight to London. Since Emirates is an airline without any fuel surcharge, I was not affected by the increased prices with the other airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, BA or Cathay Pacific. As soon as I stepped onto the plane, it felt like I was in a lounge instead of inside a plane since it was much more spacious and glamorous than other planes, and I thought ‘Is this what A380s are all about?!?’ I was surrounded by a luxury setting and usually space comes with a price tag on planes, so I was very happy with what I got.


Welcomed by warm smiles as you boarded, a warm towel to freshen up is provided and I was impressed with the variety of languages spoken by the cabin crew on broad which included Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Korean. There are USB plugs available for your use at your seat. Their in-flight entertainment can be used as soon as you board right up till the moment you land – no restrictions for take off and landing. And it’s touch screen! To cater for the variety of movies and TV shows for such a wide audience it didn’t have any particular new Blockbusters or TV shows. But that’s alright, because this flight I decided to focused more on my sleep. Surprisingly not crowded for a Friday night flight to London Heathrow via Dubai, I had all three seats to myself which I made the most of to get a good nights sleep since it figured it might be more packed on the leg from Dubai to London. But luckily again, I had all three seats to myself on that leg also!

I’m not a fan of plane food, usually I just take a bite here and there then just leave an empty stomach to pig out on arrival. They handed out menus in advance so I decided to skip the late supper of cold meats. The breakfast choices prior to arrival were between omelette’s or noodles so I had the noodles which was not bad at all. Then I had a second breakfast with my second leg flight, and I choose the omelette as opposed to the scrambled eggs which was a bit disappointing but I am a fussy eater so can’t really blame them. The light snack on arrival was a chicken and mayo sandwich with blueberry muffin – yum.

The little things make a difference, they had stickers inside the amenities pack you can use to indicate your availability or to be woken up for a meal or duty-free so you don’t miss out!

  1. February 16, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    I think everything in life can be made better by colorful stickers. I remember in Elementary school I learned for the sole purpose of getting a sticker. haha

    • February 16, 2011 at 5:29 pm

      Hey Nathan, oh I remember that too, we had charts and all sorts, it was so much fun! Just adds a little smile to the day huh…hope you are having a good one and thanks for dropping by!

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