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Marks & Spencer Food@ London, UK

I always remember their slogan “It’s not just food, It’s M&S food.” Over the many years I have witnessed their truly amazing quality of good. Anything from their prepared fruit packs, nacho cheese corn chips, chewy chocolate cookies to their ready to cook meals.

Last night as I was starving on the way home, I decided to treat myself to a M&S fine dinner. Of course I couldn’t resist just buying a main meal from them, I also got myself a packet of sun ripped orange melon and half priced cherries for my 5 a day fruit intake. And also a pressed apple juice, since buying healthy food at a premium price at least I can justify with myself.

I already knew I wanted lamb for dinner so I quickly picked a packet of lamb from New Zealand which looks so fresh in its clear packaging. As soon as I got home I was so hungry I forgot to marinate it with a pinch of salt or some nice herbs, and I just threw it into the grill and cooked it until it was nicely browned on one side. Then I flipped it and watched it turn into a nice dark brown, switch off the grill and done! Dinner is ready! Oh yes, I also chopped up a red pepper and threw it in when I turned the lamb on its other side as it soaked up the oil and juice from the lamb very nicely. I couldn’t wait to dig in, so did a quick snap shot as you can see and off I went. OMG, it was heavenly. So juicy, so tender and full of flavour without any added ingredients or flavouring. You would think this is a dinner for two, but no way! I finished it all by myself wanting for more!

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