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Hotel Chocolat @ St. Lucia, West Indies

Chocolates are good for all occasions; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, parties, Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, the lot! Chocolates can be made into different other types of food such as cakes, muffins, ice cream, popcorn, you name it! For all the chocolate fans, do we dream that one day we can live in a world of chocolate?

During university, my friends knew very well that I was a chocolate addict and joked every time I ordered ‘Death by chocolate’ that they would do that for me. They said that I should have a chocolate coffin and make sure my bones chocolate dipped.

So is The Hotel Chocolat a dream come true for us? As I browsed through the Hotel Chocolat shop, I found out they are actually opening a chocolate themed hotel soon. With its soft opening on 28 February 2011, it offers cocoa butter spa products for massages, visits to the cocca groves, chocolate making classes and chocolate inspired dining. Located in St. Lucia, West Indies it is a popular destination for the Brits. I would say it is a good destination for any chocoholic as it adds a bit of flavour to your holiday.

***Photo taken by me in the Hotel Chocolat shop on the Strand@London

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