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Day out@ Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Sai Kung is a wonderful place with a nice expat population but it has kept up its old traditions where seafood can be bought from fishermen on their boats. The price isn’t cheap I must say, unless you go when it’s around 4 or 5pm when they are about to sell out and go.


Hong Kong being in a tropical area, takes advantage of more warm days than cold ones during the course of the year. So anytime from about March to November you can go out for wake boarding, one of my favourite sports.


Don’t ever try the seafood restaurants by the waterfront, it is a rip off for tourists and the seafood quality and portions are ridiculous. We even got food poisoning last time we were there, definitely a no no.

A low-key 1 star Michelin Chinese restaurant called Loaf On can be found on a side street which offers seafood at an acceptable price with a few signature Chinese dishes.

For a cheap lunch, go to for some Thai chicken rice or noodle soup down the alley way .

Or if you fancy an all day breakfast, go to Jaspers.

After dinner, for some Chinese deserts, where else but Honeymoon.


On a nice day you will see tons of dog walkers with their dogs of all different shapes and sizes. Since there are not many dog friendly suburbs in Hong Kong, they tend to gather around the Sai Kung area. One time I even saw a white poodle dyed pink! Now that is a fashion statement!

***Photography taken by me with Panasonic GF1

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