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Pizza Express @Moorgate, London

I don’t like pizza, full stop. But since I’m meeting a friend for lunch today and he already had a place in mind I didn’t oppose it – it was Pizza Express. It is a very common eatery and you can even see their boxes of ready-to-bake pizzas at supermarkets in London. As soon as we sat down, my friend brought out a 10 pound for two course lunch coupon and since I’m unemployed at the moment, way to go and no complaints.

For starters, I ordered a Bruschetta Piccante which was hot and fresh, served on a board with a cutter. It looked more like a mini pizza than the other bruschettas I was used to having, very delicious although the peppers were way too hot. I then had the Pollo Verdure salad which was really delicious. The warm chicken was soft and tender. The rocket was fresh with a nice blend of dressing. I was most impressed with the bits of bread on the side for those who can’t call themselves full without a dose of carbohydrates. The only thing I didn’t like was that their aubergines were too oily and over cooked, but other than that after today’s lunch, it completely changed my impression of Pizza Express and I can say that I will go there again if not too soon.

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