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Donna and Tom have been happily married for 5 years. Tonight is a typical Tuesdays night, Tom gets off work around 9pm grabs a quick bite, gets home and starts working on his laptop again. Donna gets home just after 11pm from a clients’ dinner. She walks home and finds Tom working on a presentation as she walks in to the study, she gives me a kiss on the top of his head and says “Hey honey, I’m home.’ Without lifting his eyes off the laptop or turning his head, Tom says ‘Hey sweetie, how was the dinner? Is Clifford going to sign on with you guys?’

Donna walks gets changed into her nightie and says ‘Yeah I’m pretty confident I can get him on board. Have you eaten honey?’

‘Yeah I just grabbed a quick bite before I came home; I have to get this presentation to Stephen tomorrow. By the way, David and Susan asked if we wanted to go over to their place for dinner on Saturday’ says Tom as adjusts the graphs on his presentation.

Donna walks into the kitchen, downs her daily glass of milk and Vitamin A-Z tablet and replies ‘Saturday should be fine, if you pick me up from my yoga class we can grab a bottle of wine on the way and head over to their place.’ Then Donna heads into the bathroom for her make up removal and “evening wrinkle minimisation hydromoisutre” routine as she listens to Tom type away.

Donna checks her blackberry for any urgent emails and her schedule for tomorrow then head off to bed, ‘Goodnight honey.’ ‘Goodnight sweetie’ Tom mumbles to his laptop.

As Donna lies in, she removes the neck brace she has been wearing all day since she strained her neck this morning and the doctor made her wear it for a couple of days to keep her neck from too much movement and pressure. Within the whole two hours that Donna and Tom spent in the same space in their home, Donna failed to mention it and Tom failed to see the brace she had been wearing on her neck because his eyes were glued to his laptop.

Do we all roam about life like this without noticing the details? Are we living in the same space but yet failed to observe? Are we physically there but not in mind and spirit?

***Photo by bgorsphotography


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