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Tayyabs @Whitechapel, London

I remember coming here a couple of years ago and since I had a friend visiting London, I thought I’d take her to taste some authentic Indian. I couldn’t remember the name of this place but as soon as you google ‘Whitechapel Indian’ it’s the first website that comes up – bingo! I found it – Tayyabs.

There were crowds of people outside and inside the restaurant even though it was a Thursday night. I guess you’d go out for good food any day of the week. As we lined up within a loud and sizzling restaurant for a table, I read reviews and newspaper clippings on the wall of people’s admiration of this place. Although some people left after waiting for a little while, but we were determined and we knew what we wanted.

They had two kinds of poppadoms with three sauces. I love the sweet fruity flavoured sauce, whilst the chilli was way too hot for my liking even if I can take chilli normally. Then the mint I don’t like, just because I don’t like mint full stop.

As soon as we sat down we ordered because we were so hungry and afraid it would take a while since it was so busy. We ordered masala lamb by mistake thinking it was the lamb chops that everyone had ordered. But we ordered a serving of the lamb chops anyway, because we wouldn’t do anything to miss it. The garlic naan was tasty and smelled superb, hot out of the oven. Yum yum yum – I love good naans!

The mango Lassi tasted similar to a Chinese desert with mango also which was a nice contrast to the strong-tasting food we were having. We finished the food within an hour, just as long as we had lined up for the meal, but it was worthwhile. And there were still people queuing up after 9pm so we thought we’d let them taste this good food also and got the bill which was at very reasonable price. But we brought the smell of our dinner home with us and it stayed for another day or so, so I would recommend you not to wear your favourite sweater or if you are planning to stay over night at your date’s place straight after.

Tip: Definitely try reserving a table, at least the wait is not as long but you still have to wait a little while.

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