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Chicago musical@ Cambridge theatre, London

A friend of mine was visiting London on a business trip, so I played tourist for a few days this week. Of course we can’t miss a theatre show in the West End but wanted to keep it reasonably within budget. So we took tickets for a matinée show of Chicago on a rainy Friday afternoon. When we arrived, we were offered a free upgrade from upper circle to dress circle, so it added to the excitement as we walked in. Although my disappointment kicked off from the opening act of All That Jazz and continued throughout the show.

It lacked the glamour that I was expecting, and maybe my preconception had been influenced by the movies and posters etc because this is such a well-known musical. Being  a dance love and a wanna be dance myself, I must say the choreography was just slightly better than what you’d see in a dance class and the performance or foot work seemed just like a final performance of a graduate class. The vocals were nothing compared with the top-notch singing in Les Miserable or Phantom of the Opera and many times they were out of breath from the dancing which affected their singing.

The story line was alright actually, different to the movie. However, the acting was just half-hearted and didn’t touch any climax or hit the high points of strong emotions where it could have been clearly displayed because they portray this story to be about murder, greed, corruption, violence, adultery and treachery. Actually the most interesting character and applaudable person in the show was the conductor of the orchestra which were performing on stage the whole time. I would say the orchestra did a better job than the ‘front faces’ of the show.

The stage was simple and had no variations through out. The actors were in the same costumes for the whole show. It kind of gave me the feeling that the production did not have enough budget to hire a better cast and instead had to settle for 3rd tier actors and dancers as well as the whole production. Because I have seen so many of the other theatres already so we settled for this one, but if it’s your first time definitely opt for the more popular ones like Lion King and Phantom. I have even heard good reviews on Wicked also. My next choice would be Billy Elliot probably.

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