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What coffee would you like?

I just realised it is UK coffee week this week and there is a whole London coffee festival going on. For most people coffee is one of the greatest inventions or a drug for them as they can’t attend a morning meeting without a dose first. For some people coffee is a setting for conversation like when someone says ‘Let’s go grab a coffee’ or ‘Let’s catch up over coffee’. For me, I don’t drink coffee at all because I don’t like the taste, but I can’t deny the smell of coffee is actually quite inviting. So I usually say ‘Sure, but I’ll just have a hot chocolate.’

On Sunday, my friend took me to Vida e Caffe at Goodge Street and apparently it is quite big in South Africa and just opened it’s second cafe in London. I had their Lindt hot chocolate, rich and yum. It got me thinking about coffee and cafe culture in different parts of the world. In Italy, people drink coffee standing up in a buzzing loud smoky bar type restaurant. Whilst Americans drink Starbucks with a straw. In France, they can sit with a cup of espresso for hours. I remember when I used to live in Sydney, I really love the cafe culture where you sit down and enjoy your afternoon in a cafe. And I have been told it’s quite similiar in South Africa and New Zealand also. I think the coffee culture in the country definitely has something to say about their people and lifestyle there. And maybe which type of coffee you drink also represents part of your personality. So which coffee do you drink?

***Photography by BGOR’s photography

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