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Brazilian rodizio

Being a meatlover, Brazilian rodizio is just what I love when I dine out. I first learnt about it and tasted it when I was on business trip to Texas USA, I visited Fogo de Chão and Texas de Brazil which left great impressions ever since. Fogo de Chao was really top of the notch and I can honestly eat all their tender juicy filet mignon all night. But of course I am also paying a premium price of 70USD. Texas de Brazil had a nicer atmosphere in their restaurants but also good quality food.

In my pursuit of more rodizio in London, I went to try Rodizio Preto. Unfortunately, I was utterly disappointed so a big NO! Their meat was drier and tougher than beef jerky and some too salty without meat flavour at all. Their self served salad bar was not to my appetite either, not fresh or appealing. The only thing that was impressive was their chicken hearts actually, very tasty, if you are game enough to try they give you a whole heap. But for 20 pounds a head, it is definitely not worth your money.

I miss rodizio so much…I wonder if they have any other good ones in London. I will continue my pursuit or maybe I really have to have the best rodizio in Brazil. I have not set food in South America yet so that is definitely on my bucket list.

***Photography by journeyexplorer

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