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5 tips on how to pack right and light

1. Well you have purchased a bargain ticket and you don’t want to add to the cost by paying for checked in luggage. First things first, make sure all your liquids like shampoo, shower gel and creams are under 100ml so you won’t get caught out. But sharing is the best way if there are 5 people in your group, you don’t really need 5 different brands, types and smells of shower gel for different skin types.

2. For hand luggage only trips. Don’t bring food. It doesn’t go down well when you are squashing it in with your pair of stinky sneakers. Plus you should buy all foods locally to fully experience the benefits of being in another country. I guess I can’t speak for vegans or other people on special or religious diets though.

3. Come on girls, how many pairs of shoes you do need for a long weekend trip or even a 5 day trip? Just bring a pair which is easy and comfortable to walk in and that can last you for the period. Even better, you can buy whilst you are there and still have room on the way back. Also, you can live without your hairdryer, straightener or curler for a few days. Your hair does dry naturally you know and sometimes it looks great just being left so.

4. For 2 week or more trips – Well I’ve had business trips for 2 months or going to Tibet for 16 days and survived on just a suitcase. Unless you are going to extreme conditions like those below, then stick to essentials only. Suits and work clothes if it’s a business trip. Layering is best for leisure and holidays, since you can always mix and match. Honestly,  although you do want to look decent in your photos, it is not a fashion show!

5. For hiking trips – Bring clothes that dry quickly and light weight. You want to be able to wash those that you sweat on so they can dry then you will have your fleece and wind blocking jackets for the cold. Usually you can get all your professional gear at North Face or Kathmandu anyways, they will have more advice for you.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

  1. April 12, 2011 at 1:58 am

    Hey …it’s you again. Good post. I always like to compare other people’s packing light “nuances”. I actually posted one a while back on the subject here:

    • April 12, 2011 at 2:05 am

      haha love your post and totally agree on the hairdryer!! ur post is very practical…thx for sharing

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