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3 tips for booking hostels

1. Don’t always rely on the photos. Because they could have been taken on the first day it opened or last decade, you just have no way of knowing. Read the reviews instead, but make sure they are recent. Hostelworld and Lonely Planet are my best friend really, they have genuine and trust worthy reviews.

2. I have heard of mixed dorms that sleeps 120 people but it sounds more like a refugee camp if you ask me. I say if you have 4 people or more, try to go for a private room that fits you all. That way you get your privacy plus your belongings are much safer also. When four of us went to Stockholm one summer where we had booked a much larger room, we dumped our bags on our selected beds on arrival then went out for sightseeing and clubbing til early morning. But we came back to find that there were people sleeping in our beds, it was a nightmare!

3. Make sure there is a 24 hour reception because when you are travelling anything can happen. You can miss your train, your flight could be delayed, you can lose your wallet and need to go to the police station etc etc. I remember when I flew to Pisa on a low cost airline one Friday night. Since they usually fly to less popular airports in the city to save costs, their transport links are also limited. I landed just after 11pm or so but missed the last bus to the city centre and had to sit around til 6am for the first train to run in the morning. Luckily when I arrived at the hostel reception was there to give me my room straight away after being drenched in the rain finding the place and having not slept the whole night.

***Photo by bgorsphotography


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