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Hub of emotions: airports

Airports are such a hub of emotions.

Smiles. Hugs. Kisses. Flowers. Tears. Embrace.

We see on the news or on TV airport scenes. A pop star or football star arrives and thousands of fans crowd the airport with screams and signs. Survivors arriving home from disaster or crisis abroad to be greeted by hugs and tears. Olympians or heroes arriving back home with applauds of appreciation.

Back in those days, every time M and I go on holiday we would see family or friends waiting to pick up someone. We always joked that one of us should run outside first and pretend to be picking the other person up, because it is such a warm feeling to meet a familiar face as soon as you land in a country. Whenever you go travelling, who do you call or email or sms to notify them you have safely arrived?

I have shed many tears, joyful or sorrowful, at many different airports. For example, as a teenager I left a bunch of close high school friends at Auckland airport when our family moved to Sydney. Or after a two week holiday on my own in Tokyo, I cried when I had to leave because I loved this city so much. I have waited anxiously for a loved one because we haven’t seen each other for three weeks or two months on occasions, swearing every time that I wish we would never spend time apart like this again, because life is not the same without him. Also, sending my parents off after they came to visit me in London after I had left home, I cried all the way back on the train as well.

What is your story?

  1. April 30, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    A hub of emotions, aptly put. Right now I’m waiting to find out if my Husband will leave France today after being away for two weeks. He is currently delayed for 4 hours now, plus the two hour check in, not too pleasant. My kids are going to go crazy to see him, if he makes it home at resonable hour. I’ll let them sleep in the car. We miss him terribly – a hub of emotions it will be. Nice post.

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