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3 foods to avoid on a first date

When you are over a certain age and back in the dating game, it is hard trying to get behind the mask your date may put up where you can’t get beyond the most general non-personal topics or the baggage that he dumps on you with his 5 failed marriages. Everyone knows first impressions are important and you don’t want to leave bad images of yourself which sticks in your dates mind when he/she tries to remember what sort of night out they had with you.

Mainly I’m targeting female when I’m writing this blog post but feel free to jump in if you think it applies to males these days as well. Most girls don’t eat much on a first date, that is a known fact. They might order a salad and a drink and indulge in the conversation instead. I usually eat little only because I’m nervous half the time, rather than try to show that I’m a small eater or whatever. I don’t believe in portraying a fake image, although I do want to leave a nice impression so there is a next date at least and make sure he doesn’t remember me as ‘the girl that eats like a pig’.

Most dates would kindly ask where you would like to go and what you would like to eat. My suggestions is to have a couple of options up your sleeves so you don’t spend an hour just trying to think of where to eat and when you get there it’s fully booked or go for spicy food when you can’t take hot.

My uttermost recommendations on what not to eat on a first date:

1. Burgers or hot dogs – eating with fingers isn’t the elegant image you want to portray and it’s not a high school dance date. Plus burgers and hot dogs leads to a higher probability of spilling sauce on your dress or smudging it on your face leaving a red nose of ketchup. Or more embarrassing which happened to me was that the burger I ordered was much larger than my date’s and the waiter was not sure what to put down.

2. Ribs are hard with knife and fork as much as you attempt to. Even if they give you napkins or foil it up so you can hold onto it, still too nasty to handle. Unless you want suck the ribs as a type of turn on and foreplay. But if that is the case, then why don’t you just go get a room instead of wasting time digesting food or listening to words come out of his mouth.

3. Pasta and pizza are popular choices I know. I would say spaghetti and the likes where the pasta is long is only OK if you are not sharing, so you can dig into your own plate and twirl your fork around as much as you like. But sharing might cause too much falling about. Pizza only OK if it’s like a Pizza Express where you can eat with knife and fork.

  1. June 17, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    I completely agree with this! As if women don’t have enough to worry about on first dates you have to think about your menu choice… you don’t want to pick the most expensive think incase you look like a bitch, or the cheapest incase it makes them feel bad.
    If you order something tiny you’re the girl with an eating problem, but you don’t want to order something that makes you look like a pig…

    the stresses we deal with lol!

    Love you blog!

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