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Discovering the joy of online shopping

Just a few simple clicks, a few more ‘Add to Basket’ clicks and I have successfully given myself a heart attack when I receive my monthly credit card bill.

I’m not your typical girl who is into shopping a lot. I don’t take retail therapy as a method of healing. I don’t do spontaneous buying because even if I try something on and I like it, I dont’ buy it on the spot. I always go home and if I’m still thinking about it, then I go back and get it. This test works quite well and has followed me for many years.

Now that I’m living in the UK again, it provides much less temptations on shopping compared to living in Hong Kong. In HK shops open til 9pm or 10pm all year round, but in London all shops are closed when I get off work except on a Thursday but I’m normally out with friends anyway. So whoever promoted e-commerce and online shopping is a genius which I have recently discovered and tasted. I got so bored of all the shops in the Canary Wharf shopping centre already which I raid every lunch time. But now lunch times are filled with all sorts of possibilities and exciting things. I check out the daily clearance because I don’t ever buy anything at full price. Then I check if there are any vouchers updated for specific shops that I like such as Topshop or Urban Outfitters, although I prefer to buy clothes in person.

This week I have purchased a Diana Krall and a Corinne Bailey Rae CD at Amazon. Then I stumble upon a Crabtree and Evelyn sale and I mean who doesn’t need more hand creams! Plus they are great birthday gifts when you run out of ideas. Then today I realised my favourite beauty and cosmetic shop in Hong Kong have an online order site now and delivers overseas over a certain amount of purchase. Of course I also don’t pay for postage and packaging! Don’t you get it by now, I’m a tight arse! No sorry, I meant I’m a well brought up lady who manages my finances well. Whatever!

Anyway I’m just rewarding myself with my first pay since I’ve been on a famine for the last few months. But don’t we all have a list of million excuses?!?

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