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Everything London #18 – Soho Comedy

It’s the first time I’ve been to a comedy show and I was so excited when my date bought tickets for us to go. I guess I don’t really go because I see it as something for very native English speakers and none of my friends ever really went. A bit of a late start in a shabby pub off Piccadilly Cirus and a dodgy host David Mulholland who was trying to warm up the crowd with some audience interaction. But it all went from good to great from there as he turned out to be quite funny throughout.

Juliet Meyers took the stage first, I guess being female has its challenges but she was quite good. Gareth Morinen was more like dumb funny, kind of like your Meet the Fockers type which isn’t really my cup of tea but got a few laughs. After intermission, there was an Israel guy who focused a bit on racial comments but he was great. The next guy talked mostly about sexual jokes so they put in quite a mix of variety in there.

The headline comedian Wes Zaharuk was a major surprise. He just looked like a homeless bloke with his big belly and all his props on stage as he tried to do a few tricks and magics, nothing we haven’t seen before. But his finale was so hilarious my stomach was in so much pain from laughing. Sometimes old tricks are the best ones!

Highly recommended show for all, even if English is not your first language and you don’t get some of the stuff, it’s still ok. It’s a good idea for a date too, because she will feel like she’s had a really good time out and it has nothing to do with the guy! *wink*

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