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Everything London #19 – Piano Bar

My favourite bar? Piano Bar

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this wonderful place but I remember first time I was there it was amazing atmosphere, buzzing with people having a good time, nice deco being in the Kensington area. So the pianist is performing a piece with a good crowd, then suddenly the waiter grabs a mic and starts singing too. Oh my he had a good voice, and very good-looking too I might add.

They serve some nice nibbles as well, although not cheap at a place like this. Their drinks menu offer a variety of cocktails, wine and other beverages.

Since I’ve moved back to London I’ve been meaning to visit this awesome place again. But the night preceding a long weekend it was so full, there wasn’t even a place to stand, so a group of us 8 had to leave. Then I realised they opened another brand in Soho near Chinatown and I’m there all the time. Although not as nicely decorated and the crowds are probably not as ‘high class’ and I don’t think they serve any food at all, but they have more musicians than just the piano. The piano is nicely complimented with cello and drums. Also when it’s good music with great company,  it is the perfect night out.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

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