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Everything London #20 – London Symphony Orchestra

Breath taking sounds and notes that makes your hairs stand.

I wouldn’t usually associate those adjectives to orchestra or classical music, but it was what I felt when I went to A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the London Symphony Orchestra this week.

The first section started off with a Walt Disney type introduction, taking you through a happily ever after fair tale story with birds and wonders being discovered on the way. It was so pleasant to the ears and it draws a picture with its tones. Music is such a powerful tool.

After intermission, they get right into A Mid Summer Night’s Dream which was so amazing I fail to find the right words to describe. There were two sopranos singing, although they only sang for like 3 minutes max with a whole group of 30 school boys singing tenor in the background. When it finished I was not content, as I really wanted more. Loud applauds with the conductor and narrator on and off the stage for three times. The audience really appreciated it and it’s a shame that they were only performing for one night.

Usually after a night like this, it makes me want to take up music again. My dream is to learn harp if and when I have a daughter so that we can play together. I always imagined wearing a long white dress and playing the harp, looks so much like an angel. Actually it was funny since the person playing the harp was a male this time.

It makes me so grateful to be in this very international city where I can enjoy a good nights out with strong culture. I’m surprised they didn’t have piano though, I wonder why that is?!?

***Photo by bgorsphotography


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