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Hiking @Chiltern, UK

UK is nearly always too cold for most outdoor activities but funny thing is you can’t ski in this country. Anyways if your hands have not turned to an ice stick by the chilling wind topped with rain, hiking is actually a really good leisure activity. Whilst you can absorb the countryside or get away from busy London for a weekend, it’s good to chat with friends along the way. This time we explored the lands of Oxfordshire.

Deep into the woods, we found these lovely bluebell flowers covering a whole field. So pretty! Other than that, there wasn’t much of the triumph factor when you have reached a high peak but still worth a day out.

On the way back to Wendover station, awesome food found in a lovely cafe was my highlight. They serve really nice home-made soup, I had carrot and orange which sounds like a really strange combination but it was actually really nice. The crackers on the side was truly yummy.

Their ice creams looked really nice too when my friend ordered them. The most fascinating thing was the hot chocolate, served with a bit of fancy wafer thin curly chocolate swirl to be melted in it as you drink. Divine!

***Photography by journeyexplorer

  1. tom
    July 9, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    have you ever been to sagaponack, ny you would like it and you are invited as i have a secluded private guest room with absolutely great views and nature

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