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Scars tell a story

There was the time you fell off your bike. There was the time your brother stabbed a pencil into your arm.

There was the time you were engaged to the wrong guy. There was the time he cheated on you.

There was the time they cut your heart open. There was the time you got some stitches on your head.

You can tell what type of life a person has had from the lines on their face or body. I remember when I was travelling in Tibet, the local people has a very distinctive look that is different from the rest of China. They age very quickly as you can tell from the labouring hands and the amount of sun exposure has its effect on their skin texture.

When you meet an elderly person, you can see glimpses of their life story without them lifting a muscle. Some look like they are in deep thought when they are not, some look like they are grumpy or some look like they are angry with the whole world. Years of emotional formations and life stories have framed it on their face already. I always try to smile as much as possible and consciously remind myself to do so sometimes, because I want to have a smile painted on my face by my wrinkles so that I look like a kind and warm old lady without any effort on my part.

We all look back in our lives at sometimes and wonder what if. We all make mistakes. We all have accidents. We have all been hurt. The magical thing is scars tell your story and that’s what make you unique.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

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