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Love letters

Stories of D, E, K, P have been commented on, discussed daily, harshly judged, strongly criticised, analysed in finite detail, and gossiped over. Then there were A, C, G, J, M, N, R, S who occurred sporadically in the side columns that sometimes gets missed but still provided some interest. A good friend pointed out that soon I’m going to run out of letters. Plus she can hardly keep up as her memory is failing her day by day; which obviously is the strongest incentive for me to settle on a particular letter very soon.

Some are arrogant characters who make me want to step on his head and tell him ‘You are not all that.’ Then there was the short-tempered character who came THIS close to hitting me in the face when he got angry. Some suffer from great insecurities which I falsely thought could be solved when filled by love and attention but failed miserably.

Some surprise me with flowers whilst others shower me with gifts. Some cook for me and tuck me in when I’m sick whilst others take me to fancy restaurants. Some drive me around in their Porsche whilst others plays music to touch my heart.

Hot off the press, headlining in this issue is Mr W who actually asked to be blogged for his 3 minute of fame.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

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