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Fragile. Handle with care.

Many times I hear girls talk about their past relationships and say something like ‘I don’t know what I saw in him at the time’, or ‘OMG he is the biggest a$$hole on the planet, why didn’t I see it?’ Or even blame it on their friends with ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

So we all have our failures in judging people and their character, I guess, what’s why it’s called love blind. But for me, even if he had anger management issues half the time, the other half of the time he was the sweetest who plans what to do on each date and picks me up from home. Or the time where he told me they had broken up when he was two timing us, it taught me not to believe every word a man tells me, except that I’m beautiful. Whilst cutting out his face from photos or chucking away the presents he gave you may give you temporary comfort and relief from your hurt. Reality is you still have to pick up the broken pieces.

So would you rather never experience the joy of having or go through the sweetness but also the pain of losing?


***Photo by bgorsphotography

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