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Sliding Doors

I have walked 5 miles then found myself staring at a dead-end. I have walked around in circles and ended up back in square one. I have taken short cuts that ended up being the long route. I have gone on scenic tours and enjoyed the view.

Different paths. You may or may not end up in the same place but you experience a different journey.

I’ve decided to embark on the cultural challenge. It’s a step out of my comfort zone, but maybe I will enjoy the differences. Will it be like a puzzle, where each piece is different but fits nicely together to form the big picture?

Everything happens for a reason.

To lose a job in difficult times then accept the only offer given to you may make you less arrogant.

To lose a fetus before you have a child may make you appreciate the miracles of life.

To lose the love of your life then find a soul mate may make you see through the meaningless conflicts.







***Photo by bgorsphotography

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