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Culture window

Food is usually the first window to one’s culture. It is such a joy to taste local food when you are travelling. It is even more interesting when you don’t speak the local language and you are just guessing what’s on the menu because they can’t explain it in words you can understand. Then the most fun part is randomly ordering things anyway without knowing what it actually is.

We did that one time in Seville, Spain. There was a particularly popular tapas, full of people in a buzzing atmosphere which was marketing itself to us. So we decided to go in and see what the fuss was all about. We sat down at the tapas bar and tried to reading the familiar alphabet but was arranged in an non-understandable manner to us. We tried to ask the waiter behind the bar what things were, he explained to us in his fluent Spanish which we couldn’tt interrupt a word of. Anyway there is always the universal language of signing so we started pointing to what others were eating next to us and motioning what we want etc. We tasted some funny stuff we’ve never tried before, but we there was some ordinary stuff like calamari and sausages. All in all it was the fun experience which was to be remembered few years down the line.

***Below photo taken at Portobello Market, London


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    Really like your style! Keep up the good work.

    Agni @ celebrationsint

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