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Your Place or Mine?

It is not just about physical location but it has so many other hidden agendas.

It might reflect status or class depending on which area they live in or distance to travel from the nightclub which is in the centre of town. Travelling 2 hours on the train might not be ideal because the heat of the moment would have been lost or she just doesn’t look as attractive in the well-lit trains.

It might reveal who has the upper hand or who is the lead in this partnership since one person might have to turn up to work or their social event the next day in the same attire as they are wearing at this party.

It might just tell too much too soon. For example, their horrific bad habits such as not showering or brushing their teeth daily. Or ridiculously untidy living style as you might find sprays of dried urine on the side of their toilet bowl. One may also have secrets they don’t want to reveal such as photos of their ex in a crystal photo frame on their bedside table.

It may also be inconvenient for a closer circle of people as one may share a flat with 5 others and making too much noise in the middle of the night will cause gossip if nothing else.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

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