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Everything London #25 – Boxpark Shoreditch

A bus ride through Shoreditch High Street caught my eye as I see a whole row of shops lined the streets in identical rectangular shaped doors with brand named labels. It created enough interest to venture out there to explore this new hip and heavily invested area as the next up and coming, apparently.

I always love boutique shopping, especially in Asia or sometimes if lucky in Europe as well. Although the outlook is very greyish metallic, border line boring but it makes you look carefully on each of the individually decorated stores and food shops which attempts to attract your visit.

After a brief stroll on a windy evening, we decided to sit down for a meal and choose Bukowski. Well actually only because Pieminister was sold out and it reminded me of that episode on The Apprentice where they had to make their own fast food chain and the team that did pie was a big success. Anyway their Wild Burger, which is burger of the month I think, is to be highly recommended. Not cheap for a burger but definitely worth every penny with their incredibly fresh and organic ingredients – very juicy meat with lush mushroom and nicely done bun. Their fries are made with tender love and care topped with their mayo is just amazing. I don’t quite like their homemade tomato sauce but that’s just I’m a slave of Heinz. Definitely try their homemade lemonade though. A nice casual meal with a good friendly environment and staff.

***Photo by journeyexplorer

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