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Everything London #26 – Velo

An unnoticeable fast food style Vietnamese shop slightly off the busy buzz side of London Bridge with a slogan of ‘love making food’ – which can be interpreted as you wish.

In Mascot Sydney, there is/was a tiny bakery shop that did the best Vietnamese baguette ever – and luckily it was close to my old job. I was just thinking that there is no such thing here in London until I found this newly opened shop. Well actually after my first visit, I then realised that Pret a Manger now does a type of it which is yet to be tried, but they are a chain so already I have my prejudice. Anyway so Velo doesn’t exactly reach that top-notch level but will make do as they make it when you order which seems fresh enough. Seeing they only open on weekdays it looks like they cater for the office workers around that area. They have ordering machines so you can DIY if you do not wish to speak to anyone during your precious lunch break or you think it might be quicker. I found their loyalty card quite interesting which gives me the impression that the owner or their team must be quite an innovative bunch.

On my second visit, I tried their vermicelli which was loaded with warm meat and nice salad but more flavour can be added. Maybe I was looking for more sweetness from their fish sauce base or in their marinated carrot and turnip sticks. To test any Vietnamese food will definitely have to depend on their Pho soup base and I am super fussy and picky about it so it is still untested. Maybe on my next visit I might try it but I take the risk of being disappointed.

***Photo by journeyexplorer



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