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Everything London #31 – Ballet Revolucion, Peacock Theatre

Last night was opening night with the press and some ‘celebrities’ attending. We were really lucky to get second row seats for half price. Throughout the whole show you can feel their passion and excitement in their movement. A very good variety of dance styles with ballet, obviously, hip hop, jazz and even a bit of MJ thrown in. Their on stage live band was absolutely lively, male and female vocals were record quality which completely compliments their dance.

All dancers have great techniques based on strong foundation, years of training for sure – you can tell most of them dedicate their lives to dancing. Their bodily form were amazing, especially the boys whom I was checking out of course, no shame! Most of them had six packs and one or two had muscles so particular in every single part of their body, it takes some hard work. I think I fell in love with a couple right there, especially the lead male dancer with short curly hair, so cute and yummy. OK back to what was I saying?!?!

They danced so hard you can see sweat dripping off them. I have done dancing here and there for a few years and it has made me want to pick it up again which is what a good show does, it inspires people. Highly recommended, definitely get yourself some tickets even if you are not into dance.

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