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Mourn with those who mourn

Why do we tend to share our good news more so than our sad news? Isn’t it that we need friends and family much more during bad times?
Why do we congratulate those with a new job yet can not support those who has been made redundant?
Why do we promote pregnancy but can not share the burden of an abortion or miscarriage? Why can we share the joys of marriage but can not walk with those who go through heartbreak? Why do we celebrate at graduation ceremonies yet leave all those with learning disabilities unnoticed?
One of my very close friend is so brave and courageous I am so proud of her. Her approach is something that we can all learn from. You know how you are not supposed to tell people in your early stages of pregnancy and she was just in her first few weeks. But she loves to share her news with good friends. At first I tried to make her tone down her joy because it was early stages still. She would have none of it and I was happy for her.
Unfortunately soon after that she lost her baby and she also shared the pain with us. I got to experience the full joy and thereafter also got the privilege to mourn together with her and share part of her pain as well. It has helped her to grief and recover and it also built our friendship. I totally respect her for doing that. No one should suffer alone.

PS: Writing this post has really helped me to share my pain and now I’m on the upside so that really proves my point.

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