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That special feeling

I’ve lived in 4 countries and speak 3 languages fluently. I learnt Japanese for 6 years in high school but still didn’t master it or able to carry out a conversation of any sort. I take every opportunity to travel there but never had a chance to work or live there (yet). My favourite word in the Japanese language is shiawase 幸せ [しあわせ] (adj-na,n). Literally translated it means happiness, good fortune, or luck. But it means much more than that as it implies a state of contentment and joy beyond words can describe. When you say the word it has a really good flow on your tongue and when spoken softly it brings your hair standing. It’s exactly that feeling you get when someone makes you feel special and treats you like the most important person in the whole wide world. It’s things like when…

…he makes you giggle like a little girl

…he looks at you like you are the only person in the world

…he ditches his mates to bring you chicken soup

…he holds your hair back when you are being sick

…he sends you a text as soon as he wakes to say he misses you

…he watches you sleep then tells you how beautiful you are when you open your eyes

…he encourages you to achieve your potential

…he compliments you without being prompted

…he rescues you from your troubles

…he gives you a big hug that goes beyond words

These things happen often in movies as promoted by our great Hollywood but in reality only happens once in a life time if you are lucky enough. Interestingly, I had the best shiawase feeling on Saturday and it came from my soon to be 5-year-old little friend. It’s been a year since I first met him and we have developed a special bond as I try to enter this world spending every Saturday afternoon together. We sit in silence sometimes just wheeling around a train for 45 minutes without break. We climb up and down his bed repeatedly. We played letter games and number games, now he can write short words – I’m so proud of him!!! At first he wouldn’t make eye contact with me and shies away but now he looks me right in the eye. He pee on me one time but now he is fully toilet trained. We recite stories together that he has memorised from cover to cover. He even starts to recollect experiences and tells me how he went to the zoo and Thomas’ birthday party!!! Last Saturday, a special moment passed when we played the ‘I’m stuck’ game where he throw himself at me full weight so I can’t move and I have to yell ‘I’m stuck, I’m stuck!’. Then we reverse roles and all throughout we giggle crazily. That feeling is so precious, irreplaceable, and not comparable to any other.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

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