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A trip like no other

I receive a message from my life buddy ‘Hey I’m just leaving the house now. So excited!’

‘Me too!! Can’t wait to see you soooooooooon.’ I reply back

When we meet we hug for a whole minute and our laughter echoes so loud in the lobby that everyone is staring but we don’t care. This is no ordinary meeting. Since our last message to each other, we both traveled to our local airport and took an 11 hour flight to a continent different to one that each of us lives in.

For me, travelling is so much more than just sightseeing these days. I have seen my fair share of cathedrals, museums, plazas, beaches and mountains hence I am more fussy with picking my travel partners. I want to enjoy and appreciate the time we have together rather than just ticking off the list of things to do and see. In fact, this time we didn’t even bring a guidebook. We enjoy roaming the streets of downtown and taking long walks to suburbs beyond. I had no expectations of our trip, because the important element was our quality time and life sharing. Indeed it was truly enjoyable with many pleasant surprises and I laughed so much in these few days than I ever did year to date.

***Photo by journeyexplorer

20120613-022130 PM.jpg

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