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What to expect when you have expectations

People always says if you have no expectations then you will not be disappointed. But we all have expectations and somehow it comes to us so utterly natural we can not help it.

If it hurts just as much whether he flirts with other girls online, he sends suggestive texts to other girls, he watches porn, chats up the sexy bartender or masturbates with Playboy. Then how is he sleeping with another women so very different? Think about it, if emotional and mental cheating is still cheating then why does it matter? Is it better that he fell in love with someone else or went to a prostitute? Is it better that it was just one time and he felt sorry then came running back or that he left you for someone else? Is it better that you never found out or to know all along but say nothing? It is irrelevant, it still hurts.

It’s a self-defense mechanism we all adopt. We would rather think he is cheating when he is not than think he is not cheating when he is. Actually I can take it when a man cheats but it upsets me I heard about a man who made a conscious decision to have a child with a women who is not his wife. That’s why I sometimes prefer to be the other women, because at least I already know he is cheating – just a matter of quantity. I laugh when people swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The truth is, you will never know the truth.

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