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Keep it interesting. I have short concentration span!

Research shows that an average adult has an attention span of about 12 minutes which is why there are commercial breaks in between episodes of Gossip Girl and Top Gear. Except now we watch most things online and on demand so you can start and stop whenever you want. Don’t you wish the same can to applied to relationships?!?!

I’m losing interest in the men I date very quickly. Totally and utterly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, they are men who look good on paper who may even check a few items on the list. A decent job together with an above average sanity level and good emotional quotient is the rare few left in this extinct species. But….big but!

Listen. Honestly if you can’t think of where to take a girl for dinner and / or a good night out then why would she ever be interested in you as a person because you already lack organisation and entertainment skills. If the girl has to suggest and book where to go then she could have gone there with her own friends. Bring an element of freshness and surprise please, come on, show that you have life outside of your living room and Diablo. At least move your fingers and search ‘nice restaurants for a first date’ – not Pizza Hut!

Seriously if the most interesting thing you can come up with is going to the movies then that is just sad. For one, there is no conversation space when you are in the dark staring at a screen so there is no getting to know each other value in it, unless you want to get in her pants in this environment which says so much about you already. The other thing is if staring at the screen was more interesting than sitting across the table from you, a very serious problem presented itself right here.

OK I get it that most men are not romantics nor study Hollywood manuscripts as a hobby to get the girl of their dreams. You don’t have to buy her 99 flowers then tell her she is the one that makes you complete but turning up with a cupcake sometimes just does the trick.

I guess it’s not totally their fault because I live an interesting life and in comparison they are just plain dull. If I’m not interesting to meeting up again, then what chance have you to show me your lovely personality before I finally regret it when you fart in bed and cut your toenails in the middle of my favourite Sex and the City episode. I also don’t believe in building a relationship on fb messages or twitter follows – it probably just proves you are a stalker. I only count the physical presence and actual conversation as opposed to ‘likes‘.

Are blind marriages are the way to go nowadays? My grandparents only met each other on the day of their wedding and are still together after 60 years. Instead of choosing and picking only after 5 full minutes to write them off as completely non-potential, you just take what you have and deal with it.

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  1. July 11, 2012 at 2:04 am

    I love this blog so much. Keep it up!

  1. July 30, 2012 at 12:16 am

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