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Mistaking fear for love

She gets butterflies in her stomach when he calls. Her heartbeats incredibly fast when she is standing at the station waiting for him. She dresses nicely and puts on the perfect amount of make up for him. She wants to say all the right things to make him happy. She cooks dinner just the way he likes it. Her life evolves around him so he gets her full devotion.

He misses her so he calls her all the time. He can’t wait to see her after work so he tells her to pick him up at the station. He loves her to bits and buys her nice dresses and make up that will look good on her. He loves her so much very much hence showers her with attention. He loves a lovely home-made meal.  He loves to know everything about her including where she is, what she is doing, who she is seeing.

Every time. Something just flicks in a mini fraction of a second. He charges at her with a kick at full force. He is always very sorry afterwards with all his sincerity.

She believes him.

She wants to believe him.

She makes herself believe him.

She absorbs in the drama. All relationships have its ups and downs. You just don’t quit because things are rough.

It is a mistake.

This feeling is fear – not love.

***Photo by journeyexplorer

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