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Pick a Fight. Have make-up sex. Repeat as desired.

Life can get a bit mundane, boring, and routine sometimes.

Things are just plain dull day in day out.

Work. Eat. Sleep. TV.

Same grocery store.

Same train.

Same sandwich.

Same partner.

Pick a fight.

Create some drama.

Chuck a tantrum because he added that long-lost pretty primary school friend of his on Facebook.

Don’t pick up the phone nor reply to messages and make him think he did something wrong.

Go out to dinner with that guy he hates and relay all the wonderful things about him.

Turn off your phone to see and make him call your parents and / or flatmates to hunt you down.

Spend the money on a stunning dress or to-die-for shoes when you were going to buy him that Wii game.

Ask him what is different about your eyelashes and / or eyebrows today.

Shrug casually when he spends 15 minutes excitedly telling you how his football team had a victorious win.

Ash him if you look fat in these G strings then lash out at him for even thinking about it.

Yawn loudly when he is doing his thing and make him try harder.

Play with fire.

Just don’t burn yourself.

***Photo by journeyexplorer

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