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2012 Stats

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 9 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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October 23, 2012 1 comment

Pistachio in Chinese is literally Happy Nut – 开心果.

Recently I met a very cheerful person.

I don’t meet many of those because I tend to enjoy deep, serious and meaningful conversations.


Hence I tend to enjoy friendships with those I can share heart to heart with – not just joke around.

However, this person has the most genuine smile.

With a great sense of humor that is so very attractive.

It feels great after our delightful conversations.

I sometimes even find myself smiling to myself as it seems to have rubbed off on me.

It naturally draws me to him especially when I have just left my dark hole not too long ago.

So I am very much interested and wanted to work towards privatising this pistachio.

Unfortunately, without much success.

Then it hit me – why don’t I just became a pistachio myself?

Then I wouldn’t need to rely on others to be the sunshine of my life.

***Photo by journeyexplorer

Date like a teenager

October 2, 2012 1 comment

I remember “boyfriends” in high school. Back in those days, everything was such a big deal. My best friend would look me straight in the eye and ask me “Have you guys HH yet?” “No, of course not!” I replied.

It means hold hands.

My best friend and I would gossip and laugh about it for hours on end. The one time this guy tried to hold her hand in the movies but got too scared and didn’t do it in the end. Or the time where I had to hide my HH under the school bag, because we didn’t want anyone else to see.

My best friend and Itell each other all the juicy details of our relationships over our overnight letters, which must be given to each other as soon as we meet at school before roll call in the morning. This is so that we would have a chance to reply in the first class and exchange letters again during recess. If she was having issues or bottled up emotions, I would tell her “It’s time to have a D&M with him.”

It means Deep & Meaningful.

How we thought we truly madly deeply loved the boy sitting across the classroom at the age of 15.

Imagine if we dated like a teenager now.

Passing notes on bits of ripped paper with encrypted messages.

Chatting on the phone on any and every topics til the sunrise for weeks on end.

Hand writing 30+ page letters – front and back.

Sitting at McDonalds without ordering to delay going home.

Watching TV together but physically a telephone call apart.

Taking the detour route to get to the bus stop.

Just innocent.

Just simple.

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Decade long (working) holiday

October 1, 2012 2 comments

I have a friend Clement, who loves to have fun and enjoy life. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Ever since he was a university student, he would go out clubbing, eat out, play pool etc. Then as entered the workforce, he would still continue his social and party life as is. It never affects his work performance. As he got even older, he kept it all up – basically he knows how to have a good time. Even after he got married, he was still enjoying this kind of life. The interesting thing was over the last 10 years or so, not only have he kept the same lifestyle but also the average age bracket of his friends remained in their early 20s.

Actually my cousin has the same kind of phenomenon. Over the last 10 years, he has always dated girls in their early 20s. Isn’t that all men’s dream?!?

Sometimes I question what qualifies me to be a so-called traveler and blogger? Besides the fact that I’ve been to over 42 countries. This only wows people I meet in everyday ordinary life, however, when I go travelling most other travelers I meet have been all over the world too. I left home to start a new exciting life and adventure on the other side of the world and nearly a decade later I’m still living this life, with no intention of slowing down. Every trip and every experience is different, even if it is my 5th time in Paris.

No doubt about it!

I indulge in being surrounded with people in the same sphere as me.

Simply Carpe Diem.

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Death road in Bolivia

September 19, 2012 3 comments

Never a dull moment in Bolivia.

After bribing police officers to enter the country. The next day we saw protesters burning up car tyres and breaking car windscreen on the major highway on the way to Tiwanaku.

Nothing beats adrenaline though. I LoVe iT!!!

Speeding down the highway from 4500m above sea level whilst dodging trucks and cars on the way. Also trying to absorb the beautiful mountainous views without falling over or crashing was an awesome the blood rush experience.

Then the gravel roads all the way down to 1100m were really bumpy and dusty. Lucky I’m not scared of heights with sharp drops at each corner if we skitted or didn’t stop in time. It was all great fun and big smile on my face because it was a great way to finish my trip where I fly back to London the next morning.

However, on our way back there was a terrible accident. A truck carrying a full load of wood overturned and the left side wheels fell into the side curb gutter. Our driver and guides jumped out of our van in lightning speed to try to help as we were the 2nd car on the scene. A women had minor injuries with cut lips. A man was crying with blocks of wood on top of him suffering from a broken collar-bone and shoulder injury. Two people were missing – assumed to be under the truck as we have not held cries for help.

All the locals were helping out, trying to remove the wood from on top of the man and attempting to helping him out. Tourists have the practice to waiting for the ambulance and not moving the injured at all, but locals will have none of it. Just as well, because when an ordinary white car with one person in it pulled up – we found out it was the so-called ambulance. It seemed there was not adequate medical equipment in the car nor enough personnel to assist the injured. I guess this is their way of dealing withe such situations. We felt helpless on the side.

In my mind I kept questioning the difference in the value of life just because you were born in a certain country or nationality.

So now I know.

It is called death road – the most dangerous road in the world for a reason.

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First hand experience of corruption in Bolivia

September 19, 2012 4 comments

At the boarder from Peru to Bolivia near Lake Titicaca, I had two completely valid and up to date passports yet I was picked on because I was too special I guess.

As soon as I walked in, one of the officers wrote on a piece of paper $100 but I bargained down to USD20 then they said USD40. I was pissed off because I have the right to enter this country for free, so I tried to stick to $20. But then they lost interest in my cash and started playing games. Let me tell you, trying to communicate in my nil Spanish and their broken English was a nightmare – even chucking in a bit of sign language.

The police with most english tried to play the friendly card so I kept along. I answered questions about my travels then questions relating to my relationship status that I’m single nor married, no I don’t have any boyfriend. He then offered me a one way entry to his country and that I can go to his house. Seriously, I think my body and soul is worth a little more than USD40.  I didn’t know what to say to that so I joked and said I that I don’t work and of no use to him. I also didn’t want to anger him.

They kept looking at my passports and checking their pieces of paper, but at this point I knew it didn’t matter what any piece of paper said. It was up to their discretion. I played my sympathy card and started crying saying I can’t be alone in Peru with no hotel and my friends already onward in Bolivia. He just told me to calm down.

An hour later, they kept saying no to my entrance into Bolivia. I was fed up and asked them how much, they said not money but matter of principle. They were scared to get in trouble because I had a watermark on the second page of my passport and it is not valid. They suggested I go to the embassy to get a new passport. But wait, I have another valid passport. Apparently dual nationality is not allowed in Bolivia. Huh!?!

I left with my head down and no entry stamp on my passport. Options racing through my head as my flight was supposed to leave from Bolivia in 4 days. But two officers followed me outside the office, where finally they were interested in talking money. Interestingly, exchange was to happen on the Peru side of the boarder.

So I ended up entering the country after participating in an illegal transaction reluctantly.

At least, I have a good story for my blog.

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Truth is I don’t want ugly children

August 21, 2012 2 comments

Women are always complaining that men are so utterly lame and shallow, and how their thoughts and actions are controlled by the lower part of their bodies. They try to promote it’s whats inside that counts… blah blah blah.

Sorry, I’m don’t buy it.

Women’s eyes light up when they see a lovely piece of meat. Their heart skips a beat when a gorgeous man brushes past them on the train. They put on their biggest smile when the handsome man in an expensive suit gives them a subtle nod.

Get real. Women are all completely drowning in the fireman and / or Abercrombie and Fitch phenomenon. I get it, it’s hard to force down a meal when your date has volcanic eruptions going on all over his face.

But seriously, besides my strong personal desire of wanting to be aroused with a sexy body I’m honestly just thinking about long term impacts and being very considerate for my next generation. As much as I’m going to be a tiger mum, at least I want to give my kids a chance in this world.

Ugliness is a disability.

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