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Everything London #38 – 麺屋 一点張 Ittenbari, Soho

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Ittenbari is the best ramen in London.

Enough said.

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Everything London #37 – Medieval Banquet, St Katherine’s Dock

October 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Definitely not a place to take a first date. Especially when they don’t give you spoons for your soup, which tastes like it’s straight from the can. You don’t expect food to be good in a place like this and actually the bread was surprisingly up to standard. It’s good entertainment for a group event such as a corporate event where you don’t necessarily have to talk to everyone the whole night. Or as they are now advertising for Christmas dinners. The performers were pretty good, but not top class. You can go there for a birthday party only if you are really running out of ideas or taking your senior parents. But only if they like loud and rowdy atmosphere as it surely was in the underground chambers.

They had a piano as music acompliment to the performance so I went up and challenged the pianist that there were no pianos in the Medieval times but the harpsichord. The waitresses didn’t want to be there and still had the guts to pass around a tip bowl at the end of the night. We just chuck in a few silvers and left it on the table.

I much preferred the Medieval show I went to in Dallas Texas with jousting and really lovely horsemanship. But that’s the thing about London, you can have a variety of nights out. This particular night – it was just fun to dress up and be in a pub with a different theme!

Everything London #36 – Sticks n Sushi, Wimbledon

October 8, 2012 1 comment

A pleasant surprise as soon as you walk into the restaurant as I love nicely decorated restaurants because you feel like a VIP. I was sold already. A friendly waitress took us to the table and offered us picture booklets which were menus. Without further ado, I kick off with a lovely cocktail called Geisha Girl in a classy glass – sweet.

It’s also hard to review fusion Japanese food, because it’s not cuisine you can find in the country I so love. But I can also appreciate the creativeness and presentation which is to be congratulated on. My eyes were caught on the squid salad and I was not disappointed with a nice blend dressing flavour. Their seaweed salad is also very authentic and nicely done. Sushi platters offer a good variety with fresh quality fish. Their wasabi is to be complimented, none of the wishy-washy stuff, this has a real decent kick to it. The small delicate deserts are the best way to finish off a nice meal – not too much but not too Japanese.

After finding out that it’s a Danish originated chain, it has stirred an interest to visit Denmark which surprisingly I have not visited yet.

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Everything London #35 – Olympics 2012

So glad to be living in an Olympic city second time around after Sydney 2000. Surprisingly, even saw the opening ceremony fireworks from my bedroom window. I’m still debating whether I should support GB Team, Aussie or China?!?! Whichever wins, I’m happy for!

Transport system is coping well so far and since everyone else is either working from home or flexi time I haven’t had to change my lifestyle to match.

Enjoying the numerous cultural and festive events around town to cater for all the tourists such as Wonderground by SouthBank. The Boom Boom Club show was really awesome and highly recommended.

London, you are so beautiful and amazing.

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Everything London #34 – Sushi bar Atariya

Freshest sushi and sashimi in London.

Better than Cafe Japan in Golders Green.

Enough said.

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Everything London #33 – BBC: Be in the Audience

Be in the BBC Radio 4 Audience – half a night out with free entertainment. I always love comedy shows so thought I’d try out the Simon Day Show without knowing anything about it. In fact, I thought it going there to be a TV audience then when I got there I realised it was for radio. Nevertheless, it was a fun and interesting experience – especially if you are looking for things to do in London on a budget.

The first part of the recording of Simon Day reading a memoir as an ex-criminal, then second part was a sitcom with three other performers and live sound effects. The sitcom was enlightening and the performers were really good. I especially liked Simon Greenall who did two characters. They ran through everything super smoothly in about half hour, then the producer asked them to do ‘pick ups’ which are lines he wanted to be repeated and done again.

The show will be airing towards end of June on BBC4 – maybe I can hear my own laughter on it. But hang on, I didn’t check whether I liked the sound of my own laugh first!

Everything London #32 – One Man, Two Guvnor

I deliberately didn’t read any reviews or other information about this show before I went so I would walk in with no expectations. In fact, I thought this was a musical until my galfriend said he was looking forward to her first drama in London. We did not know what guvnor even meant! This did not disappoint at all and even had a few surprises chucked in. It is really entertaining, funny even a bit quirky, I was laughing so much, especially in the first act which I much preferred over the second. I love it how they create a really relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy the show and the use of the lovely band with their light-hearted music. A very good use of the stage even with such a simple set. Lead actor Owain Arthur is really awesome and light of the show supported well by the other actors, but he truly stands out.

I am also glad to know they are making good use of social media, I twitted about going to see the show on the day and they replied my twitt asking me to let them know how I enjoyed it. A show that has heart and puts effort towards their audiences is a great bonus. Definitely a good night out, don’t miss out.