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December 13, 2010 1 comment

Jenny and Michael had only been going out a couple of months and everything was still in the honeymoon period, sweet and lovely. Michael would always plan each of their dates, sometimes he would buy Jenny a rose when they walk past a florist, or he’d sing her a song with his guitar. But soon enough Jenny began to discover some of Michael’s flaws – his possessiveness and temper were among the worst. Jenny believed that being in a relationship is not about changing the other person and you should accept their weaknesses and flaws, afterall no one is perfect. So Jenny attempted to give more patience and understanding to try to tune into Michael’s head and find out what are the triggers that upsets him so much on occassions that he has to lash out at her. But at times Jenny has no idea what put him off or thinks he is just being so unreasonable.
One time they were having an argument on the way to the cinemas, he started walking really fast and she had to pick up her pace to keep up. But once at the street corner he suddenly just took off and she had no idea which way he went. She felt helpless for she didn’t know which direction he had gone in, so she just stood here in tears for what felt like a century but more like 20 minutes. Then finally she saw him walking towards her from her left, and he hugged her so tight and apologised for being so angry and taking off like that. He wiped her tears and she felt that things were going to be OK again.
Unforunately that was just the first of many times it is going to happen, for example when they were walking to catch a train whilst discussing something. As soon as they stepped onto the esculator, Michael ran off with lighting speed. This time Jenny had to run after him because she was afraid he was going to board a train then she would be stranded on the platform not knowing where to go. He hopped onto the next arriving train and didn’t speak a word to her all journey as the train was pretty crowded and she had to make sure when he got off she also got off in time so that he would not leave her behind on the train. She was too embrassed to cry in front of so many people so she held back her tears and tried to be brave without knowing that is going on.
As the relationship went on there were sweetness and pain all mixed into the pot, you never know what you are going to get. He would dictate when they were going to meet next, even though that would only be once or twice a week and she missed him a lot. He seemed to enjoy time on his own so Jenny tried to adjust and didn’t want to become a clingy girlfrield hence trying to do things on her own as well. It is becoming a daily roller coaster ride and she was getting tired of the emotional ups and downs of not knowing if today he would have an outburst or he would treat her like a princess.
But one day she got the final answer. They had been edgy and not speaking much for a few days as they can’t seem to agree on anything, then after work on  Friday Michael asked Jenny to meet him in the park for a chat to sort things out between them. She had hopes that they can sort things out by talk things through and learning from it. When Michael arrived, Jenny was already sitting on a bench in the park waiting for him. They were both calm and starting to talk about the issues they had. But in conclusion to the conversation, Michael stood up and said ‘Think about how you should change, otherwise I can not go on with you anymore’. With that said he left sitting alone on the bench and this time he never came back.