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November 30, 2010 1 comment

There are so many cities in Europe you can visit, hence I tend not to do doubles unless it’s such a big city like Paris then you can’t really avoid it. But I went to Budapest twice in the space of one year because it was just so amazing!
Unlike Prague, Budapest is not so popular among Asians but this is where you find the hidden treasures of Eastern Europe.
Awesomely breathe taking architecture and sky line. There is a castle on the mountain top facing the long river with several bridges on it. On either side of the river there are also old buildings like the Parliament House etc. Both day view and night view is really pretty.
Even tho I don’t particularly like travelling in winter besides skiing since I do like to feel my feet and that they are still attached to my leg, but snow in Budapest is just very beautiful.

You can visit a ‘bath’ which is like the hot springs you go to in Japan with pools of hot water for good blood circulation, your skin and general health. But you can also opt for a cheap scrub and massage inside the showering area, which is nothing more than lying there like a piece of meat and being rubbed from head to top by a chubby women in her underwear (since it’s all wet in the bathing area).

There was a public bath we went to that had 20 or so pools outdoors which was fun but freezing. Whilst you are enjoying a dip in the pool just relaxing and chilling out, you also want to try other pools so you step onto the snowed floors and run at your fastest speed to the next pool then jump in to defrost again. Repeat this as many times as desirable.

I’m not so keen on food from Eastern Europe tho, lots of meat and not very tasty but after being to Poland I realise this is very much part of the culture and history of the countries. A few meals we did splashed out on goose liver tho which is much cheaper then those you can get in France which is worth trying if you are a fan or not on the verge of getting a heart attack from cholesterol.
For one special evening, we visited the most expensive restaurant in Budapest. It felt like a royal court when we first stepped in because there was a mini orchestra playing which was a surprise and very pleasant. The food and service was needless to say of high standard.

People wise, they are not particular friendly but that is probably due to a lack of English skills. Also you can always judge a country’s level of civilisation by their quality of toilet paper, Hungary leads towards the low end with toilet paper that feels like scrap paper or newspaper.