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Everything London #22 – Singing in the Rain

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I have seen a dozen musicals around the globe and the genre of more light hearted shows always appeals to me. My favourite are Mary Poppins (London), Beauty and the Beast (Broadway New York) and Lion King (Sydney).

Footwork of all their performers was excellent and I especially loved their tap dancing. The singing voice of Scarlett Strallen playing Kathy is just amazing. The squeaky voice of Katherine Kingsley is amusingly annoying. Their stage is one to be applauded to cater for the rain and their main dance act which was excellent.

Although a few mishaps for their second night of performance such as leaking water from above but nevertheless a great show and highly recommended!

***Photo by journeyexplorer

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Man hunt mission

September 22, 2011 3 comments

Ladies, think about it. Some of us have spent majority of our lives thus far finding The One, Mr Right, our soul mate or partner. Honestly girlfriends, if this is your biggest life project get serious about it, do something about it.

Please do not believe in the rubbish that meeting someone is fate or that when you are not looking is when he will appear out of no where. No perfect guy is going to fall from the sky, and even if you find a nice guy they might require training to mold him and let him grow. You want to meet the love of your life, stop talking about it and get off your butt.

Get realistic.

How many love at first sights do you know of? Who meets the love of their life on the train or the bus?

If you want to find someone who is mature and secure, you might have more chance finding him in your yoga class than at the Soho club at 3am.

If you want someone who has a warm heart, go do some volunteering work.

If you are attracted to someone with musical talent, go to some free or cheap gigs by upcoming bands.

If you prefer smart and intelligent men, you might have to enrol in an MBA course.

If you like a social guy with a sense of humour, don’t eye the one who hasn’t lifted his eyes from his laptop and iPhone the whole hour you have been in Starbucks trying to get him to notice you.

If you are the more ambitious type and want to find a rich successful man, you have to be strategic about it – no shame.  Join a BMW or yacht club and not your library’s reading club. Eat dinner in South Kensington or Beverly Hills instead of ordering takeaway.  Go for drinks at hotel lobbies rather than your local pub. Be an air hostess for Emirates instead of Easyjet. You are not likely to meet him in an internet chat room or dating website. Spend time on your appearance. Dress to impress. Basic rules of the game if you are to be in it.

Honestly I’ve heard it all. The excuses you have to dismiss genuinely good gentlemen because you are just being too picky. He’s too nerdy or too immature or too bland. You can’t stand his table manners or they way he talks to his mum. Did you think you were Princess Diana?

Or ‘But he’s a divorcee’. Oh and you are Virgin Mary?!?

Or ‘There are just not that many guys around’. Well, did you know that the female to male ratio in China is 100 to 118?

Get my point?!?

***Photo by bgorsphotography

Soar on wings like eagles

September 21, 2011 1 comment

It’s easier to write when I’m in a low or slightly depressed mood, because it brings out the emotions. Also I find that if you brag too much about happiness, people think either you are faking it or that you are rubbing it in their face. But recently I’m learning to appreciate things in life more by seeing the positive side and count blessings whatever it is.

Three quarters of this year has passed already and people always say that time flies. But I literally feel like each year has gone quicker than the year before and I counted there are the same number of days! I guess I experienced so much where there is never a dull moment. Especially this year, kicked off with the domino effect of events unfolding out of my control and having a complete turn in my life made me change my attitude for the better.

Climbing up from the pit of depressed moods and sense of lose, I tried to get rid of the whiny complaining emotional dependent bitch that I was to become a less selfish person. Each day has its different challenges, struggles and insecurities; yet I try to tackle it with a smile on my face. On the way, appreciating those around me who are there for me. I uncovered the mask to show and accept who I really am. I found my inner peace. I’m soaring on wings like eagles.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

Everything London #21 – Cox Cookies & Cakes

Cox Cookies and cakes, located in the red light district street of the Soho area in London, their cupcakes follow the adult theme. Their shop deco and atmosphere is nicely done and attractive.

I’m a death by chocolate person, I order and eat anything chocolate. So I ordered a chocolate cupcake in the shape of a nipple. I only bought one cupcake but they went to all the trouble of putting it in a tray inside a box with napkins and fork.

I was so looking forward to sitting down and indulging in this cupcake as soon as I got home, but was utterly disappointed. It tasted just like a blog of sugar. The icing was poorly done whilst the cake itself was way too sweet with no texture.

No go.

Brazilian rodizio

Being a meatlover, Brazilian rodizio is just what I love when I dine out. I first learnt about it and tasted it when I was on business trip to Texas USA, I visited Fogo de Chão and Texas de Brazil which left great impressions ever since. Fogo de Chao was really top of the notch and I can honestly eat all their tender juicy filet mignon all night. But of course I am also paying a premium price of 70USD. Texas de Brazil had a nicer atmosphere in their restaurants but also good quality food.

In my pursuit of more rodizio in London, I went to try Rodizio Preto. Unfortunately, I was utterly disappointed so a big NO! Their meat was drier and tougher than beef jerky and some too salty without meat flavour at all. Their self served salad bar was not to my appetite either, not fresh or appealing. The only thing that was impressive was their chicken hearts actually, very tasty, if you are game enough to try they give you a whole heap. But for 20 pounds a head, it is definitely not worth your money.

I miss rodizio so much…I wonder if they have any other good ones in London. I will continue my pursuit or maybe I really have to have the best rodizio in Brazil. I have not set food in South America yet so that is definitely on my bucket list.

***Photography by journeyexplorer

Everything London #16 – Cycle

April 9, 2011 3 comments

I’ve actually seen quite a few people using these over the last couple of months, even Arnold Schwarzenegger – such a great initiative and so proud of it!

They have quite a few park and pick up points all around the city which makes it easy and convenient hence widely used. I guess it would become much more popular in summer also, especially on a day like this when the sunshine is out and about. Although it is not cheap that I tend to think I may as well just catch public transport. Also there are practical issues to consider before using like do you know the route, do you know whether there is a return point when you arrive, I’m wearing a suit or whatever. Of course the other thing is safety as anyone who rides on a regular basis would know that it is quite dangerous to cycle on the roads in this city. So I usually just cycle on the pathment, which is illegal in some countries, but lucky not in the UK. But at least you don’t run the risk of your bike being stolen which happens so often here.

***Photography by journeyexplorer

What coffee would you like?

April 8, 2011 1 comment

I just realised it is UK coffee week this week and there is a whole London coffee festival going on. For most people coffee is one of the greatest inventions or a drug for them as they can’t attend a morning meeting without a dose first. For some people coffee is a setting for conversation like when someone says ‘Let’s go grab a coffee’ or ‘Let’s catch up over coffee’. For me, I don’t drink coffee at all because I don’t like the taste, but I can’t deny the smell of coffee is actually quite inviting. So I usually say ‘Sure, but I’ll just have a hot chocolate.’

On Sunday, my friend took me to Vida e Caffe at Goodge Street and apparently it is quite big in South Africa and just opened it’s second cafe in London. I had their Lindt hot chocolate, rich and yum. It got me thinking about coffee and cafe culture in different parts of the world. In Italy, people drink coffee standing up in a buzzing loud smoky bar type restaurant. Whilst Americans drink Starbucks with a straw. In France, they can sit with a cup of espresso for hours. I remember when I used to live in Sydney, I really love the cafe culture where you sit down and enjoy your afternoon in a cafe. And I have been told it’s quite similiar in South Africa and New Zealand also. I think the coffee culture in the country definitely has something to say about their people and lifestyle there. And maybe which type of coffee you drink also represents part of your personality. So which coffee do you drink?

***Photography by BGOR’s photography